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Certified Dog Trainer

Dan Ross - 37 Years Training Dogs

At OCK-9Services we know that different breeds and temperaments require various styles of training. I gently handle the smallest of breeds, and firmly handle the large, dominant and aggressive breeds as well.​ 

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Grand Pet Care Center in Santa Ana is a well established and honored business. They provide animal Health Care, Grooming, and Boarding. We are WORKING TOGETHER to provide the best pet care services in the country. OCK-9Services uses the professional training yard for Socialization and OBEDIENCE TRAINING. We come highly recommended by all the staff at Grand Pet Care Center.

Solving Behavior Problems

Typically within 2 to 4 Training Sessions

 Rehabilitation Technique

I have developed a specific set of skills to rehabilitate AGGRESSIVE dogs!  My success is backed by customer video reviews and written testimonies. I lower your dog's  AGGRESSION, have them focus on you, then reward them for calm behavior. I execute a  planned series of desensitizing exercises with dogs and people. My clients see amazing results in the 1st session.

Amazing Results!

Daniel Ross

Certified Dog Trainer

I have over 40,000 hours of hands-on K-9 Training and Education, CPR & 1st Aid Trained. I know what a dog is thinking by applying a few gestures, and see how they respond. Even though I believe dogs should be trained I still believe they should be allowed their free spirit.  I enjoy inspiring them to do so. It just needs to be channeled. As a Navy Veteran, I am extremely disciplined.


My passion is to train and care for dogs. I have over 37 years of experience raising and training many different breeds of dogs. Why get an employee with less experience or a dog trainer  who is not going to be as motivated as the  Owner? I will give you the speedy professional results you deserve.

John Staymoose


One of my specialties is rehabilitating Aggressive and Fearful dogs. I have countless #'s of testimonies raving about my training techniques that rehabilitated their dogs.

  • I am Daniel Ross a Professional Certified Dog Trainer. I use positive reinforcement, a combination of Classical and Operant Conditioning, Markers, Luring, Shaping, and other popular methods. I teach calm and assertive leadership. 
  • I am a behavior specialist. I rehabilitate dogs for all behavior disorders and standard K9 issues. I take on the jobs most trainers turn down. 
  • I make training fun, easy, and show you how to make it part of your daily routine. 

  • I give written details of training techniques and follow-up emails.
  • I work with your dog's innate drives, such as retrieving, digging, and sniffing for prey, and herding. This helps me communicate to them and implement training strategies accordingly.
  • I use the (Training Methods) necessary for each unique dog. I do not believe that one size fits all. For most dogs, I use toys/sports to motivate your dog's consistent behavior. When your dog engages with you, especially with toys/sports, the bond will grow. 

Scerenity at last

Paul Johnson's post on Facebook:

When Dan showed up at my house my dog Jax was barking and lunging out of control. Dan immediately took control of the situation and my dog Jax lowered his energy and focused on me. Jax has bitten several people before. I was afraid to have Jax around my family before we started training.

In one session with my very fearful and aggressive dog, Dan reversed nearly all of the Fearful and Aggressive behavior. Subsequent sessions significantly enhanced my dog’s behavior and increased my understanding of how to become a better Alpha.

First off let me start by saying this is our 3rd dog trainer for our 3-year-old German Shepherd. It will also be our last because he has become a balanced dog that will no longer have the urges to bark, jump, or lung every time someone comes near my wife or I. Daniel came to my office to train my dog because I take him there frequently. Our dog was at the point that my wife and I would hesitate to take him on a walk if we knew there were going to be a lot of dogs or people because he was so protective of us. After 3 sessions our dog is calmer and knows that we have everything under control. I would recommend Daniel and OCK-9SERVICES to anyone with any dog with any problem. Also, I thought he was extremely affordable for the product he offers. Thank you, Daniel, for the help!,

Alex and wife Shayna G.

Verified Yelp Review

Marco T, February 9, 2018

Daniel really knows his stuff. We now have 2 happy and friendly German shepherds. All the advice we received on introducing a new dog to our family worked. After 3 hrs of training sessions and about 7 days of follow up training. They are now walking side by side with no aggression, Max (new dog) and Foxy accepted each other. Both dogs live in harmony in my backyard now. We are very happy with the success we had. We highly recommend Daniel to work with you and your dogs. My dogs were attacking each other and we could not leave them together in our fenced yard.

Thank you, Marco! These 2 dogs had been in 3 bloody fights before Marco called me. I told him what to do until we met a few days later for our 1st training session.


Fearful dog Rehabilitated

This dog Harley was afraid of his own shadow. He would run away and not come to Larry. Through positive association and my special technique, Harley has no issues anymore. Larry has tried other trainers with no results!

Aggression Gone

Hazel and her dog Mindy where desperate to get some help. Hazel talked to one of my clients and thought she would give us a try. She was skeptical because she had a bad experience with another trainer. She and Mindy perform in AKC tournaments. She was barred from the tournaments until she was cured of her aggression. Problem solved in 2 one hour sessions and 2 weeks of follow up homework.

Cherie H, January 31, 2018

Daniel is great, he is easy to work with and is very knowledgeable. His techniques are perfect for how I like to interact and work with my dog. I have had dogs all my life but found myself requiring a little bit of help with my new rescue dog, Dutchess, who has displayed aggression with unfamiliar dogs. We first worked on a loose leash walk, then tackled introduction to dogs. I am happy to report she is doing great. Dutchess is a different dog. Daniel encourages questions and genuinely cares about what he does.

DeAnn M, February 24, 2017, 5 stars

Daniel is great. He is very professional and has helped my dog become more behaved. We are on the 3rd session this Saturday and excited to see what else my dog is going to learn. By the second session my dog is calming down and Daniel has given us techniques to handle issues my dog is going through, such as barking, chewing - etc. My dog is very hyper and Daniel is very patient and thorough. I have seen a big difference in my dog and we still have one more session left. Daniel is a dog whisper and I am excited to see my dogs behavior be more calm and able to be a full time inside dog.

Sincerely, DeAnn

Customer Testimonies


Chris speaks of our success in rehabilitating his dog Bruce

Stop Pulling in One-Training Session

Kar​en talks about the amazing results she received from me during our 1st day of training.

Kristina N, May 10, 2017, 5 stars

Daniel was very good and I am glad that I decided to get some training with my dog. I have an 80lb pit bull mix who is dog aggressive and I have tried numerous techniques and products to try and control him when he gets crazy on the leash seeing other dogs. Daniel knew immediately what to do and had my dog walking next to, behind, and around other dogs within minutes, with no reaction from my dog. Performing the techniques on my own has been a bit challenging but I am getting better at it day by day. I will definitely refer Daniel to anyone for dog rehab training.

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