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Chris speaks of our success in rehabilitating his dog Bruce

Stop pulling in 1 session

Karen speaks about our successful session in Leash Training

Amazing Results 1st session!!

Cory was amazed at how different his cattle dog was the next day after training.

Fearful dog Transformed!

Carisa has made amazing progress with an abused rescue dog after 3 training sessions.

Training Videos

Rocky in Service Training

Rocky is a Pit Bull who was aggressive with other dogs. After 5 sessions he was cured of his aggression. We started Service dog Training.

Heel Training

Daisy learning Heel

Teri and Matty

Mattie is doing "Perimeter Boundary" Training. Teri gives her testimony below.

Kids Training

I make sure the kids get involved and understand the responsibility of having a dog.

Aggression Rehabilitation

Teri called me in despair about her new dog Mattie. Mattie was very fearful towards people. She was abused. As a result, Mattie was biting anyone who tried to touch her. I executed some desensitizing exercises for Mattie. I showed Teri and her guests some techniques and correct body language to use with Mattie. This showed Mattie they were not a threat. Within 3 weeks Mattie was able to trust all people and stopped bitting.

My Cattle Dog @ 6 months

Advanced Obedience


Video Reviews

Aggression Rehab for Cupcake

Cupcake is a rescue dog and is very aggressive towards people and dogs. In the 1st stages of rehab I wanted to gain her trust. I find out what motivates your dog and use it as a tool to help rehab them. In our second session I was walking her. We solved her obssesion with cars by the 3rd session. She would attack the car!!

Successful Rehab for aggression

Cassey the Multeese was attacked by a strange dog. As a result he was traumatized and became aggressive to all dogs. After the 2nd session he was good friends with my dog after a series of training exercices. By the end of the 4th session we were able to take him inside the dog park with no altercations!!


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